Friday, September 16, 2011

Continuous Delivery with psake and TeamCity - Reusing the Local Build to Create a CI Build

In my previous two posts I have shown how you can compile your solution and run your tests with psake, effectively creating a simple local build. Building upon my last two posts, this time we will reuse our local build script to create a CI build with TeamCity 6.5. Assuming that you have already installed TeamCity, create a new build configuration called CI and setup your VCS. I’ve set it up with Git:


Add a Powershell build step:


Choose “Source code” and paste in this:

& .\tools\psake\psake .\build\build.ps1

It is also important to add

-NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted

as “Additional command line parameters” because execution of PowerShell scripts are disabled by default. Now make sure that you have set up “Build Triggering” in TeamCity to “VCS Trigger”:


If we now run our build we should get a green “Success”.


Since we have executed the tests as a part of the build script and not through TeamCity we are missing a test report. We can easily report the test results to TeamCity by using a Service Message. Add the following to
the exec function of the test task:

Write-Output "##teamcity[importData type='nunit' path=`'$test_dir\tests_results.xml`']"

If the path to the test report is very long PowerShell will automatically wrap the service message and the message will not be picked up. To alleviate this problem we can increase the PowerShell UI buffer size. Replace the “"Script source” in the Powershell build step in TeamCity with this:

&  {$host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize = new-object System.Management.Automation.Host.Size(512,50); .\tools\psake\psake .\build\build.ps1}

Check in and watch the test being reported to TeamCity!


At this point you should consider creating a ci task that depends on compile and test. You probably want to add other tasks which ci is dependent on, for instance swapping out the config file for your test project, migrating a database, deploying, etc., etc. Just add the ci task as an argument to build.ps1 in TeamCity:

&  {$host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize = new-object System.Management.Automation.Host.Size(512,50); .\tools\psake\psake .\build\build.ps1 ci}

That’s all for now!

Download the code from GitHub.

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